Here are some reviews of our products.

Jeff P.

"This shave soap is one of the best I've ever used. It lathers quickly and easily, takes extra water well if needed and has the best smell of any soap on the market. It's subtle sandalwood smell is old school and my wife loves it. This soap does an amazing job lubricating my face during a shave and the razor irritation is minimal at best. I can't say enough good things about this soap. Buy it and you'll see why it's my number one choice for shaving soup."

Michael J.

"This soap is the bomb . . . Smells great . . . Feels smooth on your face . . . Lathers up into a rich foam . . . I look forward to using it every day, and sometimes even twice a day!!"

George K.

"Tallow based, lathers very quickly and with little effort, very rich and creamy. I have excellent close shaves with this and it leaves no razor burns."

Patrick C.

"Scent is nice out of the container. As I lathered in my bowl, the scent sort of snuck up on me and filled the room with the warm relaxing accord that is Casino Royale . Lather worked up just fine, as do all their products I've had the pleasure of using. Plenty of cushion and slickness. All around nice stuff that affords a quality shave! Thanks fellas for this excellent product!"


L. Clint


"Casino Royale balm is my favourite scent. You don't need a aftershave with this balm the scent is strong & last for hours. The balm is great it feels thick & greasy at first but, as soon as you put it on your face, it cools your skin while at the same time you can feel it moisturize your skin. After about a minute once your face has absorbed the balm my skin felt smooth & fresh. This is also good value for the money as you get a good size tub(nice & simple design which works well) & due to the texture of the balm you really don't need to use a lot. This is a great shave balm."


John M.


"This is a great shaving soap! The smell is fantastic, the lather is thick and rich, the shave is slick and close, and the soap rinses off easily for all of the sink shavers out there. This is my new everyday shave soap!"